Friday, September 20, 2019

Baby Quilt

It has been quite a while since my last project.  Recently, motivation for a new project came with the announcement that another grandchild is on her way!  I like to give the grandkids a quilt when they are born.  So, there is the project.

for this quilt, I will be using extra material that was purchased for other project.  Lots of extra is always purchased during planned projects just for this reason!  Since the new addition is a girl this quilt will be butterflies and pink satin!

Since the arrival date is coming up quick, this will be a simple and basic style consisting of 12 18X18" squares.  The squares will have a 2" satin strips between them.

Center area will be surrounded by a 4" border of pink satin. The final dimensions will be 66" X 86".  All the pieces for the top are cut and ready for assembling.  Each piece was cut to provide a 1/2" sewing margin.

The first row: